Buni Bun - Edging with Mommy

Buni Bun – Edging with Mommy

Your mom calls you into her bedroom to have a talk with her while your father is out and its just the two of you. She really wants to talk to you about something…..Your mom knows your headed off to college in less then a week and she just realized shes never given you the sex talk before. She wants you to be informed on how to be protected with sex and how to please a woman properly. She explains that she knows when your in college theres going to be girls everywhere and your probably going to be having lots of sex and she wants to make sure your prepared. She also explains that she and your father are really hoping you get a nice stable girlfriend in college and that maybe teaching you how to please a woman in bed and informing you about sex might help your relationship with your future girlfriend be more longer lasting as many women feel unsatisified in bed because there man cums too quickly. Your mom explains that theres many things she can teach you, like how to eat out a woman, how to hit her G spot etc…..but today mommy wants to teach you how to edge yourself. She shows you how to edge yourself and how YOU can masturbate properly to make yourself last longer in bed with the next girl you decide to fuck. Your mom jerks you off with her hand, then she moves to blowjob and lastly tittyfucking. She wants to see how well you can restrain yourself with cumming. In the end you suprise mommy with a cumshot while she tittyfucks you.


Buni Bun - Edging with Mommy

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