Buddahs Playground – Jerk for Mommy’s Bouncing Ass

Oh !I didn’t know that you were there! How long have you been watching me? I have seen the younger girls do this ass shaking and … well… even though I am older, I wanted to see if I could make my ass jiggle and shake. Oh- I’m surprised that you enjoyed seeing me do that. You want to see more? I guess I can do that, but you have to promise not to ever tell your dad. I am your step mom and we both know that I really shouldn’t be doing this. It does kind of turn me on though. Would you like to see my breasts? I have seen you trying to peek down my blouse every chance you get and I overheard you and your friends talking about me.I also found a pair of my panties in your bedroom. Here- what do you think? They artful and soft.Are they all you thought they would be? I can see that you have a hard on. What are we going to do about that? Maybe you can stroke it while I watch. I get so wet watching you. I will show you my MILF pussy too. It looks so different than the young girls. I am letting my bush grow out. You have heard of “No Shave November” right? Man this things going to be a beast by the end of the month! What do you think honey? Oh you keep stroking…. I think that answers my question…


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