Harlyn P. Rose - Step Mommy's Hose

Harlyn P. Rose – Step Mommy’s Hose

You know it’s wrong, but you just can’t help yourself. You love pantyhose so much, and Step-Mommy looks so, so good in them. And she smells even better too. There’s nothing you love more than to steal a pair of freshly used pantyhose out of Step-Mommy’s laundry basket and stroke your cock while you sniff every inch of them. Then, when you’re done, you always put them back where you found them. You thought you were so sneaky and Step-Mommy was totally oblivious. Stupid boy—Step-Mommy always knows when you’ve been naughty, and she wants you to know exactly how filthy and disgusting she finds your behavior.


Harlyn P. Rose - Step Mommy's Hose

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