Jenni Knight 24 - TABOO Mom-Son: SWALLOWED

Jenni Knight 24 – TABOO Mom-Son: SWALLOWED

The mother who is having sex with her husband realizes that she is being spied on by her masturbating son. The woman must not let her husband know that her son is watching them, so while she is taken from behind, with an angry look she tries softly to tell her son to leave, which instead continues to get excited. The son waits for her husband to finish and go to the shower to enter the room from his mother and wants her to suck his cock and fuck her like his father. the mother, for fear of her husband noticing this, gets fucked by her son. The husband hears noise and asks the woman if everything is ok and the woman is sucking cock before and fucking later, tells her husband that everything is ok .. the preamble of the scene must be a close-up of your face while your husband is fucking you hard from behind! then you realize that your son is masturbating while your husband is fucking you! you with your eyes and in a low voice try to send it away even with your hand, saying that it is wrong to look, but meanwhile you are enjoying and you want your husband to cum in your ass! the husband goes to the bathroom to take a shower and then your son enters with the cock outside and you want him to go away talking in a low voice, but in a severe and determined way! obviously he makes you to suck his cock! during the blowjob you also talk to your husband asking you if everything is ok, you say you love everything ok, and the son takes your mouth back on his cock! you always insult him! the son then says he wants to fuck and fuck you and you say: are you crazy? your dad can hear us and then i still have his cum in the ass !!! you have to have a bra on without ever taking it off, but the tits outside, while you’re fucked from behind! then, in the foreground while he is fucking you and your face is pissed off and worried because your husband can hear, talk to your husband asking you what happens! the son meanwhile is about to bugger and try to tell him no please, but he slams all his cock inside! worried because her husband can get out of the shower early, ask your son to hurry up and he tells you he’ll cum in your mouth! and you say: what? in my mouth? nooo! he cum in your mouth and you with a mouth full of cum you say: oh my god, my son has cumshot in my mouth and you don’t know what to do, so you decide to swallow it all! the son goes away and the husband comes out of the shower and you tell your husband: it was great to fuck with you..


Jenni Knight 24 - TABOO Mom-Son: SWALLOWED

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