Amedee Vause - Preoccupied Mother

Amedee Vause – Preoccupied Mother

Hi, son! What’s up this time? Hmmm? Every time you need something you just have to come to me? Yes, I might be your mother, but believe me, I have worries of my own. Did you finish your homework? You’re wandering through the house like you want to ask something or don’t have anything better to do, I don’t quite like that. Did you do your math homework? What do you mean “why”? Listen to me, young man: math is the most important thing in your life and you’re gonna study math in college, do you hear me? Math will give you a job, a good salary, you’ll make enough to live more than decently… So what if it’s sunny outside?! You have to stay inside and finish your lessons. What friends? No, you are only allowed to see your friends on Sundays and today’s not a Sunday, so definitely not. What more do you want? What girl?!!? No, you are not going to meet any girl today, I thought you already know that you’re not allowed to see girls! You’ll have plenty girls in college to choose from, they’ll be ideal, smart and beautiful, truly wife material. Now, why do you need to see a girl? Are you horny? Uh huh! See, it’s simple then, we’ll do what we do every time you feel horny, right, son? Mommy will empty those balls for you, because you are Mommy’s beloved son, they are not going to be emptied by some slut in a dirty bathroom, no, you’ll be a good boy and you’ll cum on Mommy’s boobs!


Amedee Vause - Preoccupied Mother

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