Amedee Vause - Crazy Mother - Taboo, JOI

Amedee Vause – Crazy Mother – Taboo, JOI

Hey, you just arrived from school, didn’t you? How was your day? Any news on marks, or that essay you had? Oh, that’s good! Wait, don’t go to your room, I wanted to ask something. I thought about it these past few months and didn’t find a suitable answer, maybe you can clarify that for me. You’re so hansome, and I’m not saying that because you’re my boy, but because you really are, handsome and attractive. Why don’t you get a girlfriend? You’re handsome enough, you’re not shy… Because I know that boys your age have… needs. And you have to take care of those needs properly, they are the signals your body gives to you, you can’t postpone them or ignore them! I’m asking all this because I saw you in the kitchen yesterday, and you, mister, had a… boner! I was not looking, but it was so visible through the fabric of your pants! And I get it, you are young, you have desires. Your kind of desires might not be the most ethical ones, but they’re natural, that what every psychologist will tell you. I know that you are thinking about the forbidden fruit and you can’t focus on anything else since. And I understand it, with boobs like mines, you don’t feel the need to approach girls. I understand you baby, that’s why I’m showing you my big boobs, but nothing more. You should take advantage of this unique situation and take care of that cock for Mommy, now you can see them full naked, you don’t need to peek when I change my clothes, huh? Go on, I won’t stop you, on the contrary, I’ll encourage you!


Amedee Vause - Crazy Mother - Taboo, JOI

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