Daras Daily Taboo - Asking Step-Mom For Dick Size Advice

Daras Daily Taboo – Asking Step-Mom For Dick Size Advice

You’re coming to stay with me for one week! That’s such great news! Oh dear, it seems you always catch me when I’m still in my dressing gown. So, how are you? Yes, your Dad is at work today. It’s just the two of us.
Oh dear, is it ever hot out these days! So, you said there was something you wanted to talk to me about? What is it sweetie? You have another date? That’s wonderful! So, tell me then!
Honey, you don’t have a small dick, silly! Is this really what you wanted to tell me? Oh sweetheart, don’t worry!
Ok, I’ll tell you this, just to help you feel better… You’re dick is the nicest and biggest I’ve ever had. Yes, bigger than your dads! Remember when I helped you with your erection? I told you then too!
This is silly, oh dear, you’re showing it to me right now! Oh boy, this is getting out of hand. Oh yes, I’m looking at it. Yes, I do think about it all the time. You’re making me horny now, stop it! Is this all you wanted to know? Is your dick big enough? Yes, it is! And this girl you’re going on your date with is very lucky! And I’m a bit jealous, I hope she deserves you! Your dick is so nice, and it is bigger than your Dads. You like when I tell you that don’t you!
You’re making me really turned on… You know I have a hard time controlling my urges! You like mummy’s big tits? You don’t mind if I touch myself a little bit here, imagining that big dick? Can you imagine it? Putting it right between my bum cheeks? Oh hunny, look at what you’re making me do. Is this the kind of advice you wanted from me? Acting all crazy and horny in front of you! Oh yea? You want me to touch myself before you fuck me? Ok, look at this then.
Why don’t you put your dick right in front of me here. Let me show you how big it looks in my hands and between my boobs. That’s it, unzip your pants. mmm. I see you’re nice and hard already. Oh dear, I’m getting really flustered! I should cover up! I can’t help myself though! Your Dad’s not home for another hour or so, so lets make it quick!
See, look how big and hard you are? Do you believe me now? I bet this feels good baby, you like that? It’s so big hunny! Just a quick hand job ok? It feels so good in my hands! Lets put it between my boobs. Mmmm, good boy! You can always come to me for advice. I bet you’d love to cum all over mummy’s tits wouldn’t you? Oh good boy.
We should count you down because your dad will be home soon with his small little cock. You better cum soon! No honey, I told you, just a hand job today. But you can cum on mummy’s tits, ok? In a few seconds, not yet, just a little bit longer.
Ok baby, ready… 5, your dick is so big! …. 4, mmmm ….. 3 …….. Oh I’m gonna cum too baby!…. 2 ……..oh, oh , yesss … 1 … cum all over me! Cum on mummy’s tits! Mmmmm! Good boy! Keep cumming, lots and lots and lots of cum for me! Mmmm


Daras Daily Taboo - Asking Step-Mom For Dick Size Advice

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