WCA Productions - Megan - My French Stepmom Wants To Be Friends Part 3

WCA Productions – Megan – My French Stepmom Wants To Be Friends Part 3

After yesterday when i watched my new french stepmom Megan take a shower i ran back to my room to jerk off. it was all i could think about all night and i could stop jerking off thinking about it. the next morning i got up and went out to the kitchen to get some breakfast and i found Megan already up and in the kitchen. she was wearing a white bath robe and drinking some coffee. she had a serious look on her face, we made some small talk and then she said since my dad was at work she needed to have a serious conversation with me. i got scared right away and when she asked me to meet her on the couch i just agreed and went to sit down. she got right to the point she told me that she saw me yesterday while she was in the shower and before she could say anything else i interrupted. i told her i was so sorry and that it would never happen again. i said i would take whatever punishment she thought was right and i begged her not to tell my dad. she smiled and reassured me that my dad wouldn’t be pleased if he found out. she told me that she had been trying form a friendship with me since her and my dad first got together. now it seems the only thing about her i was interested in was her body so she thought that would be a good place to build a friendship. she made me a offer, she would do something naughty for me and in return i would do a fun activity with her like, watching a movie, shopping, going to lunch or whatever she wanted! i eagerly agreed and with a wicked smile in her face she told me to take my clothes off. she could obviously tell i wasn’t sure and she told me since i got to see her naked it was only fare that she got to see me naked as well. once i was naked she gave me some lube and told me to jerk off and enjoy her little show! she stripped down to her bra and panties right in the middle of the living room and assumed sexy pose for me while i masturbated. having my sexy French stepmom pose for me while my dad was at work was so hot and i came in no time! i cant wait for our next fun activity!


WCA Productions - Megan - My French Stepmom Wants To Be Friends Part 3

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