Jessica Starling - Mommy Helps U Go to Bed POV Virtual Sex

Jessica Starling – Mommy Helps U Go to Bed POV Virtual Sex

You’ve been tossing and turning all night, you’re too restless to close your eyes. Mommy feels bad for you, and agrees to cuddle you in bed until you drift off. She pushes her body right up against yours. You’re only in your boxers, and can’t help but get hard as mommy pushes her ass against your cock. You start to rub against her. You’re too aroused to control yourself. Mommy is surprised, but delighted. She starts to mimic your movements, rubbing her ass against your erection. Mommy then turns around and tells you that she knows just the thing to help you drift off. Mommy puts her hand underneath your boxers and begins to stroke your cock. She undoes some of the buttons on her shirt, her breast is practically falling out of her bra. It feels so good to have your mommy stroke your cock like this. Mommy then takes off her bra, and you suck on her tits while she continues to jerk you off. She takes off her pants and panties and shows you her wet, pink pussy. You lick your mommy’s quivering pussy, making her drip. Mommy wants to make you cum to help you relax and close your eyes. She makes you spoon her, and then guides your cock into her wet pussy. Your mommy’s pussy is divine. She loves your cock. She loves fucking her baby boy. Mommy wants to help her baby boy every night like this. You then climb on top of her and pound her in missionary. You love watching your mommy’s tits bounce with each thrust. Mommy begs you to cum all over her, to cover her in your load. You fuck her pussy until you pull out and shoot cum all over her torso. You’re definitely ready for bed now.


Jessica Starling - Mommy Helps U Go to Bed POV Virtual Sex

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