Tara Tainton - FFuck Me Quick... before My Fianc Finds Out!

Tara Tainton – FFuck Me Quick… before My Fianc Finds Out!

Fancy finding you here…. after all these years. What? I don’t look that old? Well, thank you. I’m not THAT much older than you, you know. You’re just my little brother’s best friend. And… I always had a crush on you. Yes, it’s true! I swear. He’s such a nerd, and you’re… the athletic one. You had a crush on me too? Hey… I think the toilet’s available now… do you wanna… just chat in there?? Come on… you know you want to! I know that look in your eye… and I’ve always wanted to know just what you’re packing in your pants. Don’t make me beg for it… I want to FUCK you. I wanna get off, I wanna suck… I wanna handle your cock and… Oh, it’s huge!! I knew it! Oh, … my fianc’s calling! I have to take this… no, keep fucking me!!! He’s on his way over… we better be quick. Fuck me hard, make me come… before we get caught!

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Tara Tainton - FFuck Me Quick... before My Fianc Finds Out!

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