Kelly Payne - A Desired Affair 5

Kelly Payne – A Desired Affair 5

You’ve always had a thing for your friend’s wife, you introduced them. You and kelly have always flirted and danced around another romantic or intimate but the feelings have always been there. All three of you were chilling at their house, enjoying yourself and having a little much after that game last night. You stayed in their guest room, and when you notice your friend leave in the morning you can’t help but go into their bedroom and find kelly still laying their in bed, her ass perfectly exposed. You can’t help it, you want to see more, you gently roll her on her back. Exposing her pussy, you can’t help yourself you start kissing up her thighs tasting her. She wakes up, probably still out of it from the other night but doesn’t stop you. She tells you this is wrong, but her body screams more, so you ignore her words and follow her body until you fill her full of cum suggesting you should do this again sometime…

Kelly Payne - A Desired Affair 5

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