Humiliation POV - Goddess Valora - Mommy Is Disappointed With Her Little Chronic Masturbator

Humiliation POV – Goddess Valora – Mommy Is Disappointed With Her Little Chronic Masturbator

Here you are, my boy, the big success that I always hoped for. LOL! What happened to you? Was it me? Well at some point it does become your responsibility and it no longer becomes my fault that this is how you turned out. I mean it couldn’t have been me, look how well adjusted I am. And you, well you’re an embarrassment. I’ve never seen you have a girlfriend and I know why. It’s because you stay in your room all the time jerking off to porn. Am I supposed to be proud of you? I’m utterly humiliated by you and how you’ve turned out. I didn’t raise you to become a chronic masturbator.
I know you’re not at the age where you don’t care what your mommy-domme says but still! You are an embarrassment! I sent you to good schools and not only did you do terribly, but what have you even done with it? You only go to work so you can come home and masturbate to porn! What a waste you are. I know I’ve given you this lecture before but it hasn’t made a difference. You’re still mommy-domme’s little chronic masturbator. And here we are again, you’re still mommy-domme’s little disappointment.
My friends all have successful offspring, some of them are even cute, but you don’t want anything to do with them. I could set you up, but I know you’d completely embarrass me. And you probably wouldn’t even go because you’d rather just sit at home and hump your hand. Mommy-domme is so disappointed in you. Your hand is the only sex you’ve ever had, that is pathetic. It’s as if you don’t even care about my feelings. You don’t even take me into consideration when you make these awful decisions for yourself. You’re chronic masturbation is shameful, it really is.
You never leave my basement, I think it might be time to kick you out of my house. No? You wanna stay? Yea I bet you do. You’ve got it so good, don’t you? My chronic masturbating loser offspring. Yes, your mommy-domme just called you a loser because you are. You haven’t accomplished anything, you quit everything you try, all you do is beat off in your room. And I know your allowance just goes towards your porn addiction so I’m cutting you off. Do you think those cam girls care about you? No they don’t and I’m starting not to care about you either.
I never thought I’d be so disappointed with my boy. And you’ll never know this level of disappointment because you’ll never have any offspring. How can you when the only thing you jizz into is a tissue? Disgusting. You really are. There is something deeply wrong with you. You’ve really disappointed mommy-domme by turning out this way. I’m truly embarrassed of you. I mean I guess I should be happy you just don’t sit around and do nothing, you just sit around and jerk off. Honestly, I’m not sure which is worse.
Yes everyone masturbates, even me, but there’s a big difference when someone like me masturbates and someone like you masturbates. When I do it, it’s rare and beautiful. When you do it, it’s daily and for hours and it’s gross and pathetic. We all do it but it can’t be the only thing! I mean I would love it if you would find a girl and reproduce but how is that going to happen when you won’t even leave the house? It makes mommy-domme so sad. You’re an unemployed jerkoff addict. What am I going to do with you? I’m so so disappointed in you. I’m embarrassed of my jerkoff addict little boy. Please try and stop being mommy-domme’s little masturbator.


Humiliation POV - Goddess Valora - Mommy Is Disappointed With Her Little Chronic Masturbator

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