Shannon Huxley - Strict Teacher Turns Cumslut

Shannon Huxley – Strict Teacher Turns Cumslut

So… Why do you think you think I had to confiscate your phone boy? Oh you don’t know?
Well let’s see… this is the 4th time this week you have been CAUGHT in the GIRLS lavatories, dare I say it, MASTURBATING YOUR PENIS. I had to see what you were looking at on your phone to know what to do with you. And you know what I found? YOUNG GIRLS getting covered in SEMEN.
MENS SEMEN. It is utterly appalling and I cannot believe you look at this nonsense. I do believe you have a problem… I think you might be a CHRONIC MASTURBATOR.
That’s right. These poor girls that you are looking at on your phone will you move your hand up and down your penis. It’s making me nauseous. Do you think they enjoy GUZZLING all that SEMEN? I think I need to tell your PARENTS about this boy, or have you expelled if this nonsense continues.
You shouldn’t be TOUCHING yourself like that, you should be saving yourself for when you get married. That is the right thing to do. I can see you are getting an ERECTION in your pants!! Stop this now at once!! Your DIRTY BOY!! Stop touching your PENIS and moving your hand up and down it!! I won’t have it not in front of me, your TEACHER! Stop this at once!! I can’t restrain you so I ask you stop it NOW!! Or I will have to get another teacher in.
What ARE YOU DOING… Sit back down this instant, otherwise the SEMEN will come out. NOOOO!!!! How DARE you CUM all over me like that!! So much SEMEN all over my GLASSES, my FACE, my DRESS… What will my HUSBAND think when he sees me coming home like this?? Wait… now what are you doing?? DO NOT bend me over… Are you going to put your PENIS inside me??
No No… Oh. Oh Wow. I haven’t been penetrated like this in years. Oh yes that feels amazing boy!! Keep going, that’s it good boy!! That’s it keep pushing your penis inside me until your SEMEN fills me up. Now… Come to my office again tomorrow.
This was a custom and the trigger words repeated in this video are: SEMEN, YOUNG GIRLS COVERED IN SEMEN, PENIS, CHRONIC MASTURBATION, FRECKLES… specifically very prudish and not swearing, using technical and anatomical terms.

Shannon Huxley - Strict Teacher Turns Cumslut

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