Kelle Martina - Step-Mommys Butt Cleaner

Kelle Martina – Step-Mommys Butt Cleaner

It’s my job to clean step-mommy’s butt whenever you want (every day when you wake up after you come back from dates when you get sweaty, maybe after you go to the bathroom? etc). This is something I enjoy doing and not a punishment. While you talk, spread your ass in my face and tell me to sniff. While you keep talking about my butt duties tell me to lick it clean. It’s dirty, but I just like it more that way. “put your pretty face in step-mommy’s stinky bottom”
“sniff sniff sniff sissy” “step-mommy’s little butt cleaner” “little sissy loves tasting step-mommy’s yummy booty”

Kelle Martina - Step-Mommys Butt Cleaner

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