Step-mommy knows all about your lip fetish, little dummy. Seeing My glossy, wet, red lips, pouting and so close up makes you instantly weak. Hearing Step-Mommy’s commands pouring out of this sweet mouth, as My tongue runs over My lips, turns you into a mindless, powerless loser. My sweet cruelty sings directly into your ear, gripping your brain and milking your cock until you’re completely empty.
We are going to play a game in this video. We will find out which combination of words make you the weakest for Me. Seeing My lips this close to you is almost too much to handle, isn’t is loser? Especially when I am calling you names and telling you the truth about your kinks and fetishes! Step-Mommy knows best. Is My good boy going to lose control and make cummies for Me? You will…. if I command it πŸ˜‰ Because you’re desperate to be Step-Mommy’s pathetic good boy. *kiss*

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