Ricky (Spanish) is very close with his stepmom Brooke (Barclays), and he sympathizes with her over the news that dad is staying longer in Europe on business, rather than returning to take Brooke on vacation. It’s her birthday coming up, and Ricky presents her with a computer tablet he owned, wrapped up with a bow (he couldn’t afford a new one).
She’s appreciative, and he shows her how he’s set up folders with all the books she likes and even a rom-com to watch. “What’s this folder?”, Brooke asks as she scrolls: Ricky takes a look and is shocked, muttering: “I thought I got rid of that”. “Honey, is that a dirty movie?”, stepmom asks. Nervously, he replies: “Um, why don’t we just delete it”. “No, no, that’s okay. It looks interesting”, she says, adding: “So you like more mature women with younger men?”
“Uh, huh”, he replies hesitantly. “I’ve always suspected you had a thing for mature ladies the way you drool when all my friends come over”, she notes. “I mean they’re sexy and all, but they don’t hold a candle to you, mom”, Ricky responds. “So I need to talk to you about that. Your dad thinks there’s some sexual tension between us. I told him it wasn’t true”, Brooke says. Ricky is relieved, but then mom continues.
There is so much hesitation when it comes to watching porn with her. She’s curious what he’s into and thinks of it more as a science experiment. Why not push play and watch his face? It’s fun to seee him squirm. It’s all innocent, ‘just fun’ she thinks to herself as she giggles. They push play. As the minutes pass, she feels more and more.. aroused? Is this the right word for the feeling? She shouldn’t feel arouseed for him.
As Penny leans back in ecstasy while Juan continues licking her pussy, Ricky admits: “That’s my favorite part”. “Did you and your girlfriend used to do that?”, mom inquires. Ricky answers, embarrassed: “I never got past third base”. “Look at how he loves her pussy. I’ve never had a man do that to me”, Brooke says. She slips her own hand under the bed covers and begins stroking herself.
Ricky hesitantly says: “Maybe I can make you feel good, like a fantasy -like you’re in that movie. Just keep watching the screen”. He gets under the covers and starts lightly licking Brooke’s pussy. She sighs in pleasure, still holding onto the tablet, with its yellow birthday bow still on it. Finally she puts the tablet aside and throws off the covers, revealing her stepson’s head bobbing up and down.
Having second thoughts, she declares: “I think we should stop. I don’t want to go all the way”. He offers her a kiss, “a sweet maternal kiss”. Kissing her on the lips, he doesn’t stop there and unbuttons her pajama top and moves to her breasts. “Suck on mommy’s nipples”, she murmurs. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

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