Taboo Mom Natasha - What Mom Saw

Taboo Mom Natasha – What Mom Saw

An EPIC scene you WILL want to experience NOW! Mom was walking on her way home from work, while passing a neighbours house she notices a couple having sex in the window. Curious she took a closer look to discover it was a family friend and their son! She raced home, shocked yet hornier than ever to tell her son of her discovery. Out of breath and turned on, she explains to him the incestuous dirty taboo things and how she needed to fuck him right then on the spot! EPIC visuals, EPIC story dirty talking… here is the review from a loyal follower who commissioned this MASTERPIECE. You really rocked my world with this vid. It was so hot – so well made, so authentic. I had such an intense, erotic time watching it. I can’t even begin to thank you enough for the incredible job you did bringing my fantasy to life. Everything was perfect. You looked great, your outfit was perfect, and your taboo dirty-talk hit an awesome new level. I got my rocks off numerous times just listening to you. On top of that I loved the visuals of you naked, having sex. For me the view of you riding on top and taking it from behind were the best I’ve ever seen of you (your writhing and passion were electric and showed off your body awesomely). There was something very effective about the lighting too – especially when you were on top. It made the atmosphere extra intimate and sensual. That view up over the contours of your breasts while you are arching your back and groaning in ecstasy and with your hair flicking wildly is etched in my memory. I get hard simply recalling it. And as for the taboo story you told – it was one big WOW! I thought you were brilliant the way you combined talk about that with your dialogue of what you were doing with your son in his room. You never missed a beat, seamlessly kept the fantasy going. I could really picture the other mom and son together – and then you and your son with them. It was like an erotic scene within a scene!

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Taboo Mom Natasha - What Mom Saw

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