Sarah Rae - Memories Of Breastfeeding With Mom

Sarah Rae – Memories Of Breastfeeding With Mom

You’re watching tv with Mommy and a show comes on about lactation. Do you remember when Mommy used to feed you with her breast milk? Mommy does and she misses the way it made her feel. Mommy misses the special bond she had with you and wishes she could lactate again. The show you are watching on lactation says that Mommy can produce milk again, but her nipples have to REALLY be stimulated several times a day. Do you want to help Mommy? It will be hard sucking on Mommy’s nipples so much around school and homework but she thinks you can do it. Do you want to taste Mommy’s breast milk again? Mommy wants her titties filled up with milk again and you agree to do anything you can to help her. In exchange for you helping stimulate Mommy’s nipples, she tells you she will let you have her breast milk whenever you want. Mommy decides she wants to start now and takes her huge boobies out of her sexy lace lingerie. Mommy moves closer to you on the sofa and instructs you to start sucking on her nipples. Be a good boy for Mommy and help suck on her huge titties. You have to suck them really hard. The program said that they needed to be stimulated REALLY good. Mommy helps you and demonstrates how they need to be sucked on so that you can do a good job for her. Mommy loves the way you make her feel when you suck on her huge tits. You make Mommy feel so beautiful and special. Mommy notices how hard you are and wants to help you out. She jerks you off while you suck on her tits and she tells you about how heavy and filled up with milk they are going to be until you cum. Then Mommy rubs your cum all over her big tits and tells you that she’s going to need you to do this again for her tomorrow. Side note I use lotion at the end for cum instead of cum lube. This was one of my first roleplays 😉


Sarah Rae - Memories Of Breastfeeding With Mom

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