Sydney Harwin - You Only Need Mommy

Sydney Harwin – You Only Need Mommy

Where do you think you are going, son? Don’t treat mommy like a fool, I know you aren’t just going upstairs to bed… you are sneaking out to see your secret girlfriend, aren’t you? I’ve seen you with her. So tell me… what exactly does she do for you that mommy doesn’t? Mommy touches you. Mommy lets you lick her pussy. Mommy even lets you stick it in her… Oh, so your perfect girlfriend gives you head, yeah? Son, all you had to do was ask mommy and I would have got on my knees in a heartbeat. I had no idea that my boy loved getting blowjobs so much. Well now that mommy knows, you never need to see that stupid girl again. The only mouth you will ever need is your mothers, do you understand?…


Sydney Harwin - You Only Need Mommy

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