Sydney Harwin - Quick Son, Dads In The Shower

Sydney Harwin – Quick Son, Dads In The Shower

Son, we gotta be quick, dads only going to be a few minutes in the shower. God, mommy wants you so fucking bad! Its just going to be a very quick handjob, and you’ll have to cum in mommys mouth and I’ll swallow it so that your dad doesn’t suspect anything! Oh fuck I want you so fucking bad, son! I gotta feel you inside of me but we don’t have the time… fuck, mommy just HAS TO sit on your cock. Oh fuck, it makes such a nice change for mommy to have a fat cock to sit on, your father doesn’t satisfy mommy anymore. God you are just so fucking thick, son! You can’t cum inside of me, your father likes to have sex with mommy every night before bed, and he’ll notice, I said you gotta cum in my mouth. Quick, I can hear him getting out of the shower, quick son, quick!… FUCK SON! You cum so much more than mommy thought you would, its everywhere! Your dads going to see!


Sydney Harwin - Quick Son, Dads In The Shower

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