Sydney Harwin - Mommy's Good Advice

Sydney Harwin – Mommy’s Good Advice

You interrupt your mom putting lotion all over her body to ask her opinion on something. You think you might really like this girl from school, but you are worried that she’ll think you have a smaller than average dick. Your momma is quick to take a look to put your mind at rest. When she see’s your penis, she is shocked that it’s actually pretty big for your age compared to most she’s seen! Your mom worries that you are not ready for sexual relations with your new girlfriend, but you don’t have the heart to tell her that you have watched enough porn to know how to please a girl. She wants to HELP you physically. When she notices you are aroused, she tells you that the only way for it to go down is for you to release your cum. You say nothing as she takes it in her fist and pumps away. She thinks you’ll need something to help you along the way, but “doesn’t have any pornography to show you”, so takes out her breasts and lets you use them as a visual aid. She realises she is getting a little turned on over your “stallion dick”, but doesn’t want to make it obvious, so pretends that she would like to help you further by showing you how to have sex properly. She huffs about it, saying how she doesn’t want to do this any more than you do, but what good would she be as a mother if she can’t show her offspring how to have sex properly. What happens next is overwhelming for you, as your mommy doesn’t take no for an answer and slides her pussy down your length, getting herself off over how thick and good you feel. She fucks you until she cums, but doesn’t stop until you have had your fun too. You can’t help but wonder if your mommy has wanted you for a long time… after all… it didn’t take much for her to jump on your dick!


Sydney Harwin - Mommy's Good Advice

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