Sweetkiss 69 - Momma Dom Tricks Out Toddy

Sweetkiss 69 – Momma Dom Tricks Out Toddy

You like this alone time with me right? Now quiet dont wake daddy. Here let me get more comfy… There my fat faggot little toddy likes that dont you. My tits in your mouth my hand on your little faggot cock. You want to keep me happy right and keep spending this time with me dont you?Good because im going to put you to work im going to sell you to big hungry alpha men and makes lots of money off your faggot holes now come here and lets jerk your little faggot cock while you suck on my breasts. Your going to need to be focused and drained so that you can make me lots of money.


Sweetkiss 69 - Momma Dom Tricks Out Toddy

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