Sweetkiss 69 - Mom Makes Son Realize Hes A Beta

Sweetkiss 69 – Mom Makes Son Realize Hes A Beta

Femdom milf helps boy accept beta life Look we need to talk, ever since the day you were born i knew you were destin to be a beta. To submit to strong, powerful women, to bow to alpha men… Come on really, just stop when i first laid eyes on you i could of swore you were a girl but the doc assured me you were a boy and even know your penis was very very tiny it was indeed a penis. And thats when i knew.. Now its not like i wanted this but i had no choice just like you have no choice but to accept your beta stats.. No girlfriend, no social life, attatched to me 24/7, bullied all your life by alphas, remember that one girl that use to take your lunch money? And the other you did her work all the way through high school, you see its hard but true, And ( well as she goes on and on her shirt reveals her bra and she notices his excitement as she continues she looks down again and this time sees hes came in pants) And of course that just sets off a whole new level of beta teases in itsself….. But if you want to find out what happens.. (well what are you waiting for come see how the femdom milf handles you)


Sweetkiss 69 - Mom Makes Son Realize Hes A Beta

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