Smilesof Sally - Shrinking Pervy Boy Giantess Mom

Smilesof Sally – Shrinking Pervy Boy Giantess Mom

You have this problem, every time you get horny you shrink! This time you got sooo horny for your step-mommy that you shrunk to the size of a teeny tiny bug. She doesn’t know you are there, but secretly you are in the dirty laundry sniffing her panties and looking up at her. When she calls your father on the phone and has phone sex while playing with her hairy pussy you watch the whole thing until she catches you! Step-mommy scolds you for being such a disgusting perv, but then she feels bad for you because you will never be able to have sex without being squished. So step-mommy lets you crawl across her naked body: in her hairy armpits, down her belly, in her ass crack, and in her hairy bush. But you get lost in the pubes! Mommy can’t find you and you look up at her while she has sex with her husband. All is good until you drown in his big cum load! ** This is a custom video. Want your own?


Smilesof Sally - Shrinking Pervy Boy Giantess Mom

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