Sasha Curves - Mom and Son Break the Taboo

Sasha Curves – Mom and Son Break the Taboo

Mom comes home from consoling her best friend in a bit of a state. What was meant to be a brunch date to help her friend with her divorce led to pubs and bars and the opening up of old wounds from her own break up with your dad. You catch her in the hallway hanging up her coat and fumbling to unzip her dress. As you help with the zip, the heightened emotions and the intimacy of the moment get you both confused and mom leans in for a kiss. All of a sudden you’re throwing her against the door in the heat of passion and sliding to the floor, mom grinding and bouncing on top of you. You fuck without thinking, cumming together in the dark hallway, before mom realises what she’s done and wordlessly hurries away. When you confront her the next day, mom doesn’t want to talk about it, but what’s happened can’t be undone and you’re determined to convince her to break the taboo and follow her true desires…

Sasha Curves - Mom and Son Break the Taboo

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