Scarlet Ellie – Cum Assaulted by son over and over HD

I got an awesome custom video request. He wrote me as follows “The premise of this video is a son repeatedly assaulting his mother with surprise huge cumshots, there will be a few different scenes where she gets covered with her son’s cum. The first scene starts from the son’s point of view, peeking into your room from inside your closet. You walk into the room and start to change your clothes. You try a few different tops and change bras, all in view of the closet. During this time your son makes a few noises, but you just dismiss them as the pet messing with stuff. Eventually you decide to check your closet for something to wear, you kinda announce to yourself that you are going to look in there. You open the door and exclaim in shock as you see your son and you cover yourself (you have some pants on but just a bra on top). Before you can say anything else, he starts cumming, you are again shocked and trying to block the cum coming at you but are failing. This scene ends with you just kinda standing there cum covered, dumbfounded, and speechless. The next scene starts with you resting in bed, and the pov of your son walking into your room, he just stands over your bed for a while, then your covers start to get pulled down, revealing your nude tits. You don’t wake up, you just kinda turn and move around in your rest some, then your son starts cumming on you while you are still resting. After finishing his handy work he exits the room, it cuts to you waking up in the morning confused and progressively more confused as you realize that you are once again covered in your son’s cum. The third scene starts with you on the flooring scrubbing and cleaning, you are just kinda thinking out loud about how dirty it is, and you are begrudging because of your son’s behavior. You are on your hands and knees and have on a tank top and some short shorts, and while you are cleaning your butt is kinda in the air. The pov will be from behind you as your son approaches and covers your ass with a huge load, you are shocked, and turn your head to see what is happening and catch a stray rope to the face, you turn back around to avoid anymore headshots, and you start admonishing your son for his actions. The final scene starts with you in the shower, it changes to your son’s pov as he enters the bathroom. You stick your head out to see who is there and ask him what he is doing. He says that he just needs to brush his teeth, you say that is fine and that actually you need to talk to him. You tell him you are disappointed in his behavior lately and that he has to stop this or you will need to take some drastic measures because this is all too much to handle. All this time you don’t realize that while your head is sticking out of the shower that your boobs have also become visible. You embarrassingly realize the mistake and close the shower curtain and finish your talk while finishing your shower. You finish your lecture by telling your son that you still love him but this behavior has to stop. You finish talking, but as he is leaving you ask if he can grab a towel and bring it to you. As you open the shower to accept your towel you are instead welcomed by another monster load, this is the biggest one yet, as you back away you sink back into the shower because you have nowhere to run. Afterwards you just sit there covered in cum accepting your new fate.” I just had to share it with you. enjoy!


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ScarletEllie – Cum Assaulted by son over and over HD.mp4

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