Sammi Starfish - Moms Thong Leotard Workout

Sammi Starfish – Moms Thong Leotard Workout

Hi, I’m 38-yr-old Sammi. In this video my 18-year-old son who is a senior in high school gets home from school and comes into the living room to watch television. But I am doing my daily workout routine so he is going to have to wait to watch tv. So he decides to just hang out and watch me do my workout. Except I am wearing nude colored nylons, knee high socks, athletic shoes, and a very skimpy thong leotard. He likes what he sees and comes up with an idea after watching me do lunges and squats in my tiny little thong leotard. He tricks me into doing a ton of very embarrassing and revealing exercises so that he can see me bounce my big ass and humiliate myself. He tells me that science has come a long way toward learning how to build muscle and reduce bodyfat. And that he can help me with my workout with the things that he “learned” in gym class. And I buy into his trick hook line and sinker and do everything that he tells me to do. Some of these embarrassing exercises include bouncing my ass up and down while holding my ankles. Moving my head back and forth with my mouth wide open as if I am giving a blowjob over and over again to “work my core”. He convinces me that my thong leotard is restricting my movement and that I should un hook it. So I do revealing my pussy and asshole to him as he has me do exercises that open up my ass cheeks and reveal my entire pussy to him. And if that were not enough he tells me about a “weight lifting supplement” that burns fat. Except the supplement is a cream that is absorbed through the skin and has to be applied to the asshole. So he rubs it into my asshole for me and tells me to continue working out with my asshole covered in cream that looks like semen. Then he helps me cool down by telling me to rub my groin area to help the muscles cool down. The workout takes place in my living room at first, but we move outside where it is hot to help get that sweat going so that he can show off my big fit milf ass to all the neighbors in my condo complex. If any of them were smart enough to look out their windows that it. As well as passing traffic next to my house. This was a very fun video to shoot. There is no sex or blowjobs in this video, but it is very sensual. You will definitely get a chance to worship my pussy and asshole too. The movements that he had me do were completely humiliating and ridiculous. But mommy is not very smart and is very gullible and easily tricked into showing her asshole and pussy if you put a little bit of thought into it. And remember that membership is the cheapest way to get all of my vids. I also update Crush daily and have hundreds of vids and thousands of pics there for those of you who are huge fans. I have more Crush content in fact than any model I have ever seen on MV. In fact, if you can find a model with more Crush content than me I will send you a promo code for 50% off of my Crush. I hope you enjoy this video. It was a little embarrassing to film, but it was also a TON of fun to film. Enjoy!!!


Sammi Starfish - Moms Thong Leotard Workout

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