KristinaXXX - New Mommy Humiliates Your Old Mommy

KristinaXXX – New Mommy Humiliates Your Old Mommy

I have watched over you the last couple of weeks because your real mommy was sick. I only pretended to be nice to her to get close to you. We’ve grown together and I started seeing you as my own. It’s the last night you are at my place and I start talking bad to you about your real mommy. You need a fun, fit, young, smart, vibrant, sexy Mommy with better mommytitties who can actually take care of you. It won’t be long till the old women kicks the bucket anyway. I tell you how it was really me responsible for her getting sick and in case she won’t accept me being your new Mommy I will simply get rid of her for good (could look like an accident, beat her up and crush her with my tits for example). I make you call me Mommy and renounce your old mommy. In the end I give her a call and tell my plan. I am very arrogant with her. I tell her what I made you do (that you suck my tits every morning and other things) and who’s the real Mommy now. You are mine. She cries. I tell her she shouldn’t try to contact you or I will find out and it’s byebye for granny. I enjoy the power over you and her. It makes me hot. She is no match for me at all in any way. When I hang up I laugh that she apparently wants to fight for you and thinks she might succeed. I kind of want her to challenge me cause it would be fun to me. I act as mean and arrogant as I can to/about her.

KristinaXXX - New Mommy Humiliates Your Old Mommy

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