Rhea Sweet - I am Your Mother

Rhea Sweet – I am Your Mother

I walk into my son’s room to find him still in bed. He’s been in bed long enough, and it’s time for him to get up. I tell him it’s time, and he starts complaining. When I tell him not to give me lip, he asks why. He knows why. I walk in and fully shut the door behind me to let my son know I mean business. I am his mother, and he will do what I say. When he doesn’t listen, he is going to be punished. He knows what happens when sons don’t listen to their mothers. He better get up, but he doesn’t. He knows what that punishment is going to be. Since he doesn’t want to listen, Mommy is going to punish him. There’s that little cock. I pull it out and start rubbing it. Oh, it’s making him uncomfortable? Too bad, he should have listened to Mommy. Now Mommy is going to have her way with him. He’s going to be a good boy and do exactly as Mom says. Now Mommy wants him to stroke his cock. He resists, and I command him: stroke your cock for Mommy. Mommy didn’t say stop. I tell him how to stroke his cock, up and down and all over. Mommy is enjoying this. I like seeing him get that cock nice and hard for his mother. Now he is going to do exactly as Mom says. Now Mommy is going to take more of that cock, do whatever I want, and he’s going to listen. I get down on the bed and get him nice and hard for Mommy. As I put my son’s cock in my mouth, I remind him this is what happens when he doesn’t listen to Mommy. I get his cock nice and wet in my mouth and remind him who is in control. As he gets more excited, I tell him he can’t cum yet. Mommy isn’t done with him yet. I stand up and start undressing for my son. I commond him to stroke his cock as he looks at him mother’s body. I want him to stroke his cock staring at Mommy’s titties and Mommy’s ass. Now Mommy wants more. This is what he gets for not listening! Mother wants all of him. And what Mommy wants, Mommy gets. I climb on top of my son, pushing his cock inside of me. I ride up and down on his hard cock for a while until my pussy gets so wet, and I get close to cumming. For extra punishment, I am going to have to make my son cum inside of me. I can tell he’s getting close, and I make sure my son is ready to cum inside of his Mommy. He better be ready because he has to do what Mommy says. It’s time for him to fill up his Mommy. I cum all over his cum as he cums inside of me. Sitting on his cock with my pussy filled with his cum, I look back to see if my son has learned his lesson. That’s right. He always has to do what Mommy says.

Rhea Sweet - I am Your Mother

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