Princess Miki - Just Trust Mmmy

Princess Miki – Just Trust Mmmy

You know that you can’t lie to Mømmy. I can see the concern written all over your face: it’s starting to feel wrong to stroke to Mømmy, right? I know that this is something you can’t tell anyone… because everyone out there would tell you that this is very naughty. No — not just naughty — they would tell you it’s very BAD to do something so “taboo.” You’re so concerned about how wrong this feels, but you’re also aware that it would feel even worse to disobey Mømmy. You’re caught in quite the predicament, aren’t you? The only solution to the problem you’re facing is to cancel out your doubt and just trust Mømmy. If it feels so natural to stroke for Mømmy, is it really so bad? You’ve already accepted that Mømmy knows best, so there’s no need to fill your silly little head with thoughts of what’s “right” and “wrong.” If Mømmy knows best, trust Her. This is right, because I say so. Now keep stroking and worship Mømmy like a good boy.


Princess Miki - Just Trust Mmmy

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