Penny Loren - Night Time Feed and Fuck With Mommy

Penny Loren – Night Time Feed and Fuck With Mommy

our Mommy creeps into your room while the rest of the house is slumbering, ssshhhhhhh Mommys here. You love this time of the month when she’s ovulating and you get some special Mommy/Son time. Mommy wants to play and what she wants she gets. You both have to be very quiet not to wake dad and your siblings up while you have some hot Incestious Fun. Its the same every month, you feed on Mommys huge perfect tits, sucking out her warm nutritious milk. You love the feel of you Moms big brown nipples in you mouth feeling the milk spurt out. She then lowers herself down your hard cock and rides you while you feed. The feel of her warm pussy enveloping your cock and suckling on her tits is fucking incredible. She rides you faster, its such a struggle for her to keep quiet she has to put her hand over her mouth. She cums hard on your cock, she has the hardest best orgasms with her own biological son. You shoot your load deep inside your mother trying to be as quiet as humanly possible, its such a strong orgasm it makes your legs shake. Mommy hears dad moving around in the next room and sneaks back before he realises his wife has been fucking and breastfeeding their son in the room next door.

Penny Loren - Night Time Feed and Fuck With Mommy

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