Pastel Goddess - Sissy Sons Birthday Party - Part 1 Only

Pastel Goddess – Sissy Sons Birthday Party – Part 1 Only

Part 1: Breast Worship Kitten is folding his mother’s lingerie in a sissy dress. She comes home very excited to tell her beta son all about his upcoming birthday party! Before she shares the news, she briefly inspects his chastity. She remarks how nice and tight it is. She invited so many popular and hot students who like to make fun of Kitten. Some football players who give him swirlies in the bathroom, and some hot girls who fart on him after class. They’re all coming to Kitten’s party to torment him! His mother can’t wait for them all to use her son as their personal slave. He will be used as a toilet, a beverage bitch, an ass cleaner, and party entertainment for his guests. While she talks about all the fun party activities, she makes Kitten suck on her boob. She teaches him how to greet his guests by kneeling before them and kissing each of their feet. Then she demonstrates how they will all wipe their shoes off on his back while he grovels on the floor. Then it’s back to suckle her nipple, but he is getting so distressed from all the humiliating party plans. He will have to swallow cum from all the guys as birthday gifts, and everyone is going to watch embarrassing videos of Kitten getting bullied for entertainment. How cruel!


Pastel Goddess - Sissy Sons Birthday Party - Part 1 Only

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