Noelle Easton - Quality Step-Mom Step-Son Time

Noelle Easton – Quality Step-Mom Step-Son Time

What are you up to today? You’re growing up to be so smart and independent, do you mind if I spend some time with you? It’s just that your step-mommy has been thinking about her young, innocent faced step-son all day and I … just can’t get you out of my head. The way your youthful skin glows … your exuberant energy … I love to watch you. I can’t help but to stare lustfully at the perfect boy that I made. Do you think step-mommy’s should want to lay in their stepsons’ bed with no clothes? Or is your step-mommy naughty? Maybe you could spank me like I spank you when you’re a bad boy? You could make me get undressed, make mommy show herself to you, would you like that? I could take off my clothes and you could too and we could pretend like it’s almost bath time?? But we need to take your little underpants off first though! If step-mommy shows her step-son her secret parts then the step-son should be a good boy and show her his, right? But we can’t tell, ok, this is our special little game. I bet you didn’t know your penis could feel a tingle like this, did you? I wanted to start you young so I know that my step-son’s first time with every experience is with someone as loving and caring as step-mommy is. No other girls will ever do what I can for you. My warm, wet mouth feels so inviting, yeah? Just relax and trust step-mommy, I’m going to take good care of my young, pure step-son. I’ll be gentle when my throat slowly swallows and hugs your smooth, developing penis. Squirm and wiggle all you need to as my motherly hips slam down mercilessly only you, it’s natural to feel what you’re feeling! It means I’m being a good step-mommy! I’m going to milk your young cock for the first time and teach you how good I can make you feel every day. Your cock milk is step-mommy’s ONLY, ok?


Noelle Easton - Quality Step-Mom Step-Son Time

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