Kelly Payne - Submissive Nagging Mom

Kelly Payne – Submissive Nagging Mom

Your mom has always been incredibly submissive and usually does whatever you ask, even when that has involved sexual tasks. She is still your mom and does want you to help around the house, she wakes you up in a rather nagging mood. Does as you ask but can’t help but nag you about your slacking off around the home. After you have her undress, titty fuck you, and ride you until you both orgasm she continues to tell you to at least take out the trash. She asks what you’d like for breakfast and when you ask for cookies. she does as you ask but not without nagging you even more about your choices and how as your mother, she wants you to do well. You distract yourself from her persistent nags by having her take her tits out, show her ass, and bend her over and pleasure yourself more, leaving her out of breath, and yet she still manages to continue her nagging.

Kelly Payne - Submissive Nagging Mom

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