Single Mother Episode 2 - Kaidence King

Single Mother Episode 2 – Kaidence King

Hey son, come and sit next to Mommy in bed. Remember the other day when we masturbated together? Good, Mommy really enjoyed it too and Mommy wants you to sleep in her bed tonight, would you like that? Good. I know you love this nightie Mommy wears, I’ve seen you peek at my body when I’m wearing it.” I start gradually stripping and showing you my body. I tell you to masturbate for Mommy. Then I reach out and touch your penis for the first time, stroking it for you. I tell you to touch Mommy too, and imagine your penis is sliding inside Mommy, not your finger. You do it and your cock gets even harder. Eventually, I get so turned on I can’t stop myself from sitting on top of you. I moan as your cock slides inside me. We do POV cowgirl, followed by POV missionary, me gently encouraging you as you lose your virginity. Eventually, we both cum together. “Good boy. Mommy’s so glad we finally did that.

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Single Mother Episode 2 - Kaidence King

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