JENNI KNIGHT 24 - TABOO Mommy-Son RolePlay

JENNI KNIGHT 24 – TABOO Mommy-Son RolePlay

The Story Your talking with your son while wearing spandex with a thong and your see thru top. Your son compliments you on how good you look. Then he begins asking if he can touch your tits, at first your like no, your his mommy. He pleads with you and you agree. As he’s touching your tits you notice he has a hard on. You ask your son does he have a hard on for his mommy. You tell him that your curious and want to see it, your son pulls out his cock and you start feeling horny. Your thinking this is so wrong but you cant help but admire his hard cock. So you tell your son let’s try something, you tell him to rub his cock on your tits. (can you use a dildo) You start getting wet and then tell your son to slap his cock on his mommies tits. Seeing his cock so hard you start wondering how would it taste, so you suddenly put your mouth on his cock when he’s not looking and surprise your son with a blowjob. You start deepthroating your sons cock and also give a titjob while still wearing your see thru top. You think this is so wrong but you can’t help it. Then you ask your son if he wants to fuck his mommy, you tell him come on it will be fun. You turn around bend over and pull over your thong spreading your ass and tell him come on fuck your moms wet pussy. (could you use a dildo for this scene as well) Then you tell him to lay down and you start riding your sons cock. Your riding your son’s cock and tell him go balls deep inside of mommy. You tell him dont be shy fill mommy up, go balls deep. Then you pull out your tits and make him suck on mommies tits. You tell him that’s it suck on mommies big tits while you go balls deep. After a while you tell your son you want him to cum inside you, you want him to shoot his hot load inside your wet pussy, you even become demanding and he cant leave until he does.


JENNI KNIGHT 24 - TABOO Mommy-Son RolePlay

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