Nina Crowne - StepMom Plans Your Public Humiliation

Nina Crowne – StepMom Plans Your Public Humiliation

Your stepsister and her friends caught you perving on them at their pool party. You should be ashamed of yourself for making them uncomfortable just to get yourself off. As a consequence, you’ll be publicly shamed. I tell you to remove your clothing–you won’t be able to wear clothes anywhere until I tell you that you’re allowed to again. When you strip I can’t help but laugh. I thought you’d have a small penis because you’re such a pervert but I didn’t expect it to be so ugly! All the girls are going to laugh when they see your deformed disgusting worm. I’ll tell them to beat you and hurt your pathetic penis however they see fit–spank it with belts, shove objects down your urethra, whatever they want. The more excited you get about this idea the worse it’s going to turn out for you, and I can already see how hard you are about it. This is meant to teach you a lesson, not arouse you. I’m sure we’ll be able to get the point across your pervert brain eventually, even if that means humiliating you in front of everyone we know.


Nina Crowne - StepMom Plans Your Public Humiliation

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