Penny Barber - Mommy's Dark Secret

Penny Barber – Mommy’s Dark Secret

You’re home from college and ready to destress. Between earning your PhD in psychology and breaking off your engagement with your girlfriend, all you really want is to spend some time at home with Mommy. But things have been rough for me, too, dearest. Your father hasn’t exactly been attentive and I’ve taken to sneaking some vin de table in the evenings just to have an escape. Speaking of which, would you like to have a glass while we play a little game? As the evening progresses, our inhibitions erode until we’re having the most open, frank discussion about sex and relationships that we’ve ever had. It isn’t long before your cock is in my mouth, hard and beautiful, and I don’t just want you in my mouth either. You slide into my sex, feeling your own mother’s desire holding and squeezing you—and I only get tighter as I drizzle candle wax all over my large, soft breasts. With each drop of pain, my vagina tightens and moistens, urging you to come inside of me. Can you keep Mommy’s dark secret?


Penny Barber - Mommy's Dark Secret

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