Nicole Nabors - Dream Mother

Nicole Nabors – Dream Mother

Our family has moved to a new house where we hope to make a fresh start. You come in to find you mom stressed out on the couch. She asks if the was something you wanted to tell her? Your too ashamed to say. Next, your dreaming, you meet your “dream mother”. Shes a wicked spirit that knows your naughty secret. She had taken the form of your mother but sexy and confident not shy. She makes a deal with you, if you can make her cum, then she’ll grant you a spell which ensures you get your greatest desire. A deal is a deal. You wake up from your nap and find your mom at her desk working. She chats with you, you know she’s stressed out. She begins to cry about how stressed she is. She pull your cock out and she’s shocked!! You then put the spell on her! She’s so horny for your big cock. It’s so much bigger than your dad’s! She’s shy at first and you have to push her head down to suck your cock. You then fuck her in her chair and lay her down on her bed missionary. She’s in love with your cock.


Nicole Nabors - Dream Mother

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