Natalie Wonder - Mommy Shows Her Boy He Is Quite Adequate And Needs To Feel Properly Loved

Natalie Wonder – Mommy Shows Her Boy He Is Quite Adequate And Needs To Feel Properly Loved

I’d want your voice to be nurturing and motherly. Your son is in bed, you enter wearing something revealing. You’re concerned for him. He has a steady job, but no girlfriend and you worry about mommy’s boy. What’s wrong? He feels inadequate with women. Well, then those women don’t deserve him. He’s mommy’s big boy and has nothing to worry about. You wince, uncomfortable at first. You confess you caught him watching porn the night before. Is porn substituting for intimacy? You’ve heard the films faintly at night. Mommy has seen you stroke that beautiful little penis of yours. Nothing to be ashamed about. He’s quite adequate for mommy.
Mommy lays down at his side. You want him to be happy. You look coy at him, then down his body. You want to show your boy how much you love him, how it doesn’t matter how small he is. He’s special to you, and you love him, no matter what. Your boy is beautiful and he needs to feel properly loved. You confess, you’ve always stolen glances when he didn’t see. You confess again that it wasn’t the first time she happened to see him watch porn. Why does mommy look at him like that? Because you love him.
You pull down on your dress, expose your breasts. You say you’re going to show him how much you love him. Just relax. You reach for his dick and start touching, ensuring your son you love how it feels. You giggle as you feel it grow already in your hand. He is perfect.
The son is nervous, and you say, “I know it’s a bit weird but I really think this will make you feel good. Mommy will stroke your penis and it will feel amazing, honey.” You stroke the dick with dirty talk and look deeply in the camera. Some giggles and naughty smiles would be great. Look down as you stroke. A lot of encouraging smiles and sensuous giggles. When the son comes you smile wide and when he’s finished you look down and are impressed and happy, assuring him that you love his little penis and cum.
Suggestions for dialogue during hand job part:
“It’s a very nice little penis. How’s this baby? Does my hand feel good on your little penis? My beautiful boy, you’re the only one I want. I want to be a good mommy for you. I want to make you feel good. You’re so big for me, sweetie. I love your small penis.”
Moaning a lot. “Fuck, honey, baby, you’re making mommy really horny. Does this feel good. Is it how you’re used to do it? It’s better than when you’re doing it yourself? Ohhh, thank you sweetie. Your hard little cock feels amazing, baby. I love how it throbs in my hand. It’s not so small anymore, is it? You have nothing to be ashamed of, sweetie. I love everything about you.”
“And your little cock is amazing. Darling, your little penis is so hard for mommy. It’s perfect in every way, just like you my darling boy. Please, tell me you’re close. Please, come for me, darling. I think I’ve earned your cum. I’ve been such a good mommy.” After son comes you’ll lick the cum off your hand.
[Post handjob cuddle]:
“Oh sweetie, you did so good for mommy. You’re such a good boy and mommy loves you so much. Your cum is so yummy. I knew it would be. Mommy really loves you, darling. This was exactly what mommy needed. You’re my perfect boy and this is a perfect and beautiful little penis for mommy.” Kiss camera.


Natalie Wonder - Mommy Shows Her Boy He Is Quite Adequate And Needs To Feel Properly Loved

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