Mom Fucks Military Son Home On Leave - Coco Vandi

Mom Fucks Military Son Home On Leave – Coco Vandi

Bootcamp was the most difficult thing I have ever done, the hardest thing I hope I ever have to go through. But now I am finally done, I feel like I have really accomplished something worthwhile. Anyways, I have been thinking non stop about my Mom, but probably not the way you’d expect.
You see, right before I shipped out to Bootcamp I got dumped by my hoity-toity now ex-girlfriend who promised that she would lay me before I had to leave. Well, instead of keeping her promise, she waited till the night before I was headed out and dumped me. What a bitch. Anyways, when I got home my Mom could tell something was wrong and she felt pretty bad for me having to go away to Bootcamp a virgin…. then things escalated pretty quickly and you can watch it all go down in part 1.
Now that you are up to speed… I can get back to what I was trying to explain. I have been thinking nonstop about that night. I have replayed it in my mind a thousand times a day for the last few months. I finally got my first leave and decided i was gonna spend it at home. i took a train to a bus and a bus to my home town where my sexy milf of a mom picked me up, god she looked so hot. we chatted for a little bit on the way, her works good and dads out of town on business trip and i couldn’t wait for a home cooked me. after dinner my mom came into my room to tell me and said since she did me a favor when she took my virginity that i owed her. she said dad wasn’t around and she was horny and i need to fuck her! After she sucked my dick and had me hard i fucked her until i creampied her. i cant wait for my next leave.

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Mom Fucks Military Son Home On Leave - Coco Vandi

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