Missbehavin26 - Incst is Best- Mom Sneakily Gives Don BJ

Missbehavin26 – Incst is Best- Mom Sneakily Gives Don BJ

The story starts out with your son lying on the couch or bed. You walk in and say you need to talk about something. You say how you know about his obsession, because you found “inc*st porn” on his computer. You say you know that you’ve been fantasizing about your sister. They’re both young and good looking, so its normal that your son is thinking that way. You then hug him and give him a kiss. You are surprised and accidentally felt your sons boner. You ask him why he’s so hard, then he pulls out his dick and randomly starts jerking off. Your son says that its you hes been fantasizing about, not his sister. You are still shocked that your son is jerking off to you while you are talking. You begin to get curious and keep staring at his cock. You ask him why its so big and hard, his fathers is not as big. He keeps saying “I love you mom” while he’s stroking and you start to feel bad and say you’ll help him. You start jerking him off yourself but keep telling him how wrong and fucked up this is. (how you’re related and that its incst) After a few minutes of dirty talk your son asks you to blow him, at first you say that’s too far and crossing the line, your his own mother after all. You give in and start sucking your sons cock. You say things how wrong it is like “I can’t believe I’m sucking my sons cock right now. ‘You love how fucked up this is because its inc*st with your mother” The one line at the cumshot that I would die for you to say is “I want you to Look into your mothers eyes while I suck your cock. Say you love incst while you stare into my eyes son, cum on my face and say it, I love incst, cum for me son. I love you so much” Doesn’t have to be exactly that but along those lines, I would lose my mind if you said that for me haha.


Missbehavin26 - Incst is Best- Mom Sneakily Gives Don BJ

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