Marceline Leigh - Mommy's Lil Girlcock Lover

Marceline Leigh – Mommy’s Lil Girlcock Lover

The moment your mother told you she was getting a divorce from your father you booked the first flight you could and rushed to her side to make sure she was okay and so that she wouldn’t be alone. And now, you and your mother have the house all to yourself. Your first night back home, you walk into her room to tell her goodnight. She is sitting up in the bed, rubbing lotion all over her skin, looking as beautiful as ever in her back silk robe. When she notices you standing there she greets you. When you tell her you came in to tell her goodnight she starts complimenting you on how you’re such a sweet and caring son. How she raised you right, and how she is so happy that you are here with her. That’s when she asks you the question you hoped she would ask. Will you move back in with her? You excitedly agree, wanting nothing more than to be close to your mother and to make her happy. Then, she goes on to tell you that now that your father is out of the picture there’s going to need to be a man of the house, and as that man, there is something that you must know. A secret that your mommy has been hiding from you your whole life. You sit down close to her on the bed and that’s when she tells you something you never expected to hear. She has a cock! You’re in shock! Seeing how surprised and almost doubtful you are, your mother pulls down the sheets to reveal her huge, hard cock. Your mother admits that ever since you became a man she has been attracted to you, how this is why she left your father. All so that she could be with her precious son. You have felt the same way about her, so hearing this delights you. She then goes on to explain how as the man on the house one of your duties will be to pleasure her. To pleasure her cock. You have never interacted with another cock aside from your own before, but right now you want nothing more than to suck and get fucked by your mother’s raging hard girldick. She tells you that she is going to ease you into it by first having you give her a blowjob. You lay down on the bed and listen to your mommy as she tells you how to suck her cock. Surprisingly, she likes getting head in the same way you do. Starting off slow with a lot of suction and tongue before picking up the pace until you are bobbing your head up and down the entire length of her shaft, your lips touching her balls each time you go down and the taste of her precum on your tongue when you go up. Your mommy notices that you are now rock hard as well from sucking her cock. After some more time goes by with you sucking her cock, she has you lay down on the bed in her place as she gets on top of you. She wets her fingers before slowly pressing them into you, prepping your asshole for her huge cock, all while stroking your raging hard dick. After getting to fingers into your tight, virgin asshole, your mother positions the head of her cock at the entrance of your asshole before sliding in. She pumps into you while running her smooth hand up and down your dick. You never thought that you would lose your anal virginity, especially not to your mother, but you are beyond happy that it is happening. It feels better than anything you have ever experienced. And soon, you and your mother, mommy and her precious boy, will be cumming together. And mommy wants to pull out and cum all over your body at the exact moment you do, coating your body in both your seed, to symbolize the two of you finally coming together in the way you both have wanted to for so long.


Marceline Leigh - Mommy's Lil Girlcock Lover

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