Mama Fiona - Fill Mommy Up

Mama Fiona – Fill Mommy Up

You are my son and I’ve just caught you in my bed jerking off. Thats not the biggest shock to me, as we already share a special closeness. Bu you’re acting shy about something. I pull down the sheets to find that, WOW! You have ejaculated a LOT. This is unusual for you! We’re not used to this much are we!? You’re feeling embarrassed and I assure you that this is normal. When you doubt my answer, I proceed to explain to you all the ways in which women love cum, from its texture, to the emotion behind it. I explain how important cum is to a woman, and especially to a mother like me. I soon found that w are both getting aroused at all this cum talk. After a few long gazes at the contours of my body including my sexy arms and armpits, I lovingly ask you if you want to feel want its like to cum somewhere warm, some place like… your mother’s vagina. You happily and excitedly answer that yes you do! And before we know it I am guiding right into me, giving you instructions on how to fuck me while you’re on top…. Saying all the things you love to hear before having you explode inside me, and flood your mothers pussy with your full and virile load! See? Nothing to be embarrassed about hunny! NOTE: a lot of explicit talk about cum, ejaculate, semen, why girls love cum, etc. Handjob, blowjob, some reluctance before fucking in missionary.

Mama Fiona - Fill Mommy Up

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