Luscious Rose 69 - Seduced by your stepmom

Luscious Rose 69 – Seduced by your stepmom

this was a custom vid where I am the stepmom unhappy with your dad and when you win the lottery I seduce you to convince you to run away with me. Part 1: You are sat on the couch dressed quite scruffy. Have the camera set up so that it is looking at the couch side on and the camera is raised so it is like it is me stood up. You are sat with my dad and brother watching tv. Its in the evening so its quite dark and you are eating pizza or something. Ive been upstairs playing on my but I have come down, shaking with excitement. I tell you all that I have just won $10 million on the lottery. I am holding the winning ticket. Oh my god! We try and celebrate as a family and try to exclude you. Pretend my brother is quite mean and it finishes with you storming off angrily to bed. Play a 5 minute scene around this. Part 2: In the bedroom. I am laid in bed. You decide to sneak into my bedroom in the night. Basically now im all rich you want me. into the room. You are wrapped up in a long shirt/top.Tell me your glad im still awake–tell me you cant rest. All you can think about is me winning. Walk over and pick up the ticket “Is this it?” I am reluctant but you tell me you aren’t going to rip it up. Stare at it in amazement. Talk a bit about it. What I’m going to do. I tell you I graduate college in a few weeks and im going to travel the world. You tell me that’s great and tell me youd love to go with me. I smile but you tell me you are being serious. Admit you don’t love my dad and its me you want. Talk about how you hate living here. My dad is boring and my brother is a ass At this point slip off your shirt. You are wearing a sexy outfit and a very tight skirt. Seduce me. I’m disgusted at first but you are persistent. It leads to you climbing onto the bed. Tell me you are going to give me a twerk and if my cock doesn’t get hard in 60 seconds you will leave. You test me. Play some music on your phone and twerk, pull your skirt up and your panties to the side. At the end I try and deny it but I am hard. I try and tell you that you are too old and too big etc but you manage to seduce me. Have the camera slightly raised so its looking up at you as if its me laid back. Leave the tight skirt on put pulled up, I want you to reverse cowgirl a realistic dildo as if its my cock pov. Have it up close to the camera so it looks like a part of me. Finish with me spunking inside you. Tell me to keep it quiet until after graduation and then when I get the money we will run away together. Kiss me then get dressed and leave.


Luscious Rose 69 - Seduced by your stepmom

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