Little Puck - A Very Taboo Family Dinner

Little Puck – A Very Taboo Family Dinner

It’s Tradition. Every Holiday, the Family partakes in The Ritual. The young hostess, both wife, mother, sister, and daughter, presents herself as dessert….in this vid prepare for the filthiest debauchery I have ever released! I offer myself to Daddy first and have Mommy grope and finger me to get me sooo wet and ready for him and then he pummels my tight holes in a bunch of positions on the table and he nuts inside me. My pussy is nice and creamy and I tell my son to see how horny and dirty Mommy is and to get hard for me because he’s next. I then coax him through his first time at The Ritual with sweet dirty talk and breast fondling til he’s throbbing hard and I suck his dick until he busts a fat nut in my mouth. I then move on to my brother and I finger his wife’s pussy while she watches us fuck. I dirty talk about my sexual past with my brother to my sister in law because it gets her off and then I eat her out and she squirts on my face. I then ride my brother with his wife’s pussy dripping off me until he nuts inside me too. I turn to my hubby and tell him that it’s his responsibility to finger out all that nasty dirty family cum deep inside me and then I cum hard and finally release my daddy’s and brother’s cum. WHAT A FUCKING RIDE. Featuring ageplay, dirty talk, oral fixation, breast play, taboo roleplay, dildo sucking, dildo fucking, apron, mother son, daddy daughter, brother sister, daughter mommy, sister sister in law, blonde bob, thigh high stockings, gfe, horny housewife, ahegao, tons of positions and angles, missionary, doggy, cowgirl, simulated creampie, actual visible creampie, cum in mouth, blowjob shot in mouth, dildo stroking, pov blowjob, pov handjob, masturbation encouragement, fingering, orgasm. Each segment is about 10min with daddy, 10min with son, and 10min with brother.


Little Puck - A Very Taboo Family Dinner

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