Rose Blacks Fetish Store - Mommy Makes You Feel So Good-MP4

Rose Blacks Fetish Store – Mommy Makes You Feel So Good-MP4

” Mommy encourages peepee play: Mommy, any and all body hair preferred, no face make up necessary, hair up in a loose bun, barefoot, loving nurturing voice, intermittent close up views of your body parts and face as you baby talk your little boy through exploration.
(First 3 min)
Id like the first view to be from the floor as you walk in my room nude and find me playing with myself and exploring my penis. “It’s time Mommy made use of that little peepee, here let Mommy show you how!” Squat down in front of me and give me a full body view from further back at first. Please notice me curiously staring at your toes, pussy and breasts… Tell me all about your special body parts and use the terms that are personal.
Start rubbing your breasts sensuously while noticing my erection as I become aroused by mommy’s “show and tell” game.
“Look at that cute little peepee! Is your little peepee standing up because you see mommy?! Yea?! It’s ok my funny little boy, that’s what mama wants! Wiggle it at mommy, oh yea that’s it baby boy touch it for mama! Oh god you’re so fucking cute my baby boy….Oh god mama said fuck, opps. (Moan a lot) Mommy can’t contain how she feels about your stiff little peepee honey. You’re at the right age to be curious so let’s do it…don’t be shy baby, all mama’s do this with their boys! Yes! (please Moan and whine throughout clip dialogue)
(Next 2min)
Lean in and reach to give me a hanjob while you also touch yourself. Please make sure your breasts swing and jiggle. Tell me this is normal and that you love me…. “Mama knows it feels so good… It’s ok to squirm and twitch with pleasure.” Giggle and enjoy the pleasure you are giving me. Teach me, educate me, this kind of sex education is normal, get off on the power you have over me with my little penis in your hand…
Now sit on your bottom with your legs apart, knees bent and feet gripping the ground for me… give me a good view of your pussy, belly, boobs, legs and feet. Tell me to stand up.
Tell me my little dick and balls look so good that you want to suck the entire peepee and little peanut sack all the way in your mouth.
“Mmmmmm honey, Mommy’s gonna swallow your peepee all the way down!”
(Last 3 min)
Giggle and ask me if what mama just did felt good. “Do ittle boys like that?” Mommy liked it… why don’t you rub your peepee some more!
“Here look at mama some more” Roll onto your back in the baby girl position and grab your little toes and play. Wiggle your toes a bit. Next, spread and show me your butthole and pussy hole in an educational manner. Keep the view from down between your legs. “That’s it, Oh, that’s it Stroke that peeppe for mommy!” “That’s Mommy’s good little boy, yeah honey just like that” “Yeaaaah, that’s a good boy, yea!” “Your such a good boy for Mommy.”

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Rose Blacks Fetish Store - Mommy Makes You Feel So Good-MP4

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