Kelly Payne - Submissive Pregnant Mom Does as Told

Kelly Payne – Submissive Pregnant Mom Does as Told

Your mom is completely submissive towards your father and always does what he says. She has fallen anap on the sofa and completely unknown to her, her pussy is completely exposed. You notice and have spoken to your father about your pregnancy fetish before and now have asked his permission to fuck her, he agrees unknowingly to your mom. You watch and scoot closer to her on the sofa as she slowly wakes up, not noticing how exposed she is nor your boner and eager excitement to finally fuck her. As she wakes up you tell her what you want, and she is surprised, and a bit taken back but doing her best to accept your compliments and eagerness. When you tell her that your father said it was okay, she calls for him and he casually tells her to fuck you and walks away back to his office. Your so eager you tell her to play with herself first, after she cums you pull her close and start fucking her. She pauses after a little and asks if she can really, please you the way you deserve, she sucks the cum off your cock, rides you, and lets you take control, you even fill her pussy full of cum.

Kelly Payne - Submissive Pregnant Mom Does as Told

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