Kelly Payne - Sexual Love Spell... A Taboo Mishaps

Kelly Payne – Sexual Love Spell… A Taboo Mishaps

Your mom had a fun night out planned with her girlfriend who bails last minute. She was hoping to get laid… her friend suggests a sexual love spell that apparently gets you laid within 2-4hours, it has a few odd things it asks for… one being you have to pour hot wax on each tit, and another being to make sure no one else is home when you perform the spell. She laughs at the idea, but ultimately bored, horny, and lonely she decides to try it. Thinking you’re out with his friends as usual she starts the ritual spell. After she finishes the spell, she hears her son calling for her… thinking its all nonsense anyway she rushes to clean up her mess and goes into your room asking what’s up. When she sits down with you, you instantly feel attracted to her, enticed by her… she’s so beautiful… you can’t help but want to touch her… you offer a foot rub and compliments trying to maintain your urges towards your mom but they’re so hard to resist. Mom’s taken back a little, but also flattered… she goes along with your requests until she to is captivated by you and can’t help but enjoy your attention, attraction, touch, and starts craving your cock, even though you’re her son. She even milks her breast for you to enjoy, surprised and shocked that there’s even breastmilk in her tits at all… maybe the spell did work? You fuck your mom and cum inside her, enjoying every second. After you cum you can’t remember what your doing, what happen or even why your naked… and your moms naked to? Mom is startled and tries to wrap her head around what just happen and how you can’t remember any of it… maybe it’s the spell… she tries her best to make up a story as to why your both naked… and quickly leaves your room and calls her friend. Oops… looks like the only way you will stop sexually desiring your mom is if you never see her again. Oopsie….


Kelly Payne - Sexual Love Spell... A Taboo Mishaps

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