Kelly Payne - Protective Mom Fucks Son's Bully

Kelly Payne – Protective Mom Fucks Son’s Bully

Mommy Kelly has made a deal with her son’s school bully, you’ve agreed to leave her son alone as long as she agrees to fuck you whenever you want. You heard through friends it’s her son’s birthday today and she’s having a party for her son. You call and invite yourself, and tell her to wear something revealing and sexy. She tells you no, so you remind her of all the messed up things you could easily start doing to her son. She agrees and when you arrive she even shows you she’s not wearing any panties underneath her skirt. When it’s time to sit down to eat, her son and parents join you both at the table. You decide it’s a great opportunity to shove your fingers deep inside her pussy and bring her to orgasm right in front of her son and guests. She tries her best to maintain a calm and normal state but struggles. As guests make their way into the room near the kitchen you tell her to get under the table and suck your cock. She does as you say but you nearly get caught. Afterwards you tell her you want to fuck her right there in the kitchen with all the guests nearby. (POV VS with Dildo) She reluctantly pulls up her skirt and climbs onto your hard cock. again so close to getting caught you tell her to bend over and fuck her hard and deep from behind while her ass bounces up and down on your cock, covering your cock in her cum. You stop and tell her to finish you off on her knees… you want to cum on her face. You drench her in your cum, completely covering her face, tits, and clothes. Leaving her alone to figure out how to discreetly make it to the bathroom to clean herself up.

Kelly Payne - Protective Mom Fucks Son's Bully

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